Horny BBW looking for FWB (20746, Suitland, MD)
Black attractive non ghetto BBW looking to bang tonight. I'm gonna cut to the chase because I don't have time for games or drama. I am a 29 year old single mom who enjoys sex I just want to bang. I say I'm a single mom date finder my hours are a bit weir

imhereVegas..... (Suitland, 20746 , Prince Georges County)
Hey fellas finally touch base in Vegas... Ready to let off some pressure...realistic encounters only please... Don't worry I'm sexy and I know it 160lb well date finder small waste dd cup tight dark brown eyes ...702fivatetofivthreninefive...touch b

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I like to go out and have a good time with my girlfriends. (Suitland, Maryland )
Well its all depends how we connecet or click but if they wanna do simple we are able to do sex dates finders or lunch or wanna go out start to see the fun side person do sumtin crazy see how are you affected

my eyes are as big as my bubbly toes. (Suitland, 20746, MD )
Hello, there I recently moved here a few months back and am trying to get out there and meet new people, i hear this is a good way :) I moved to Oregon to go to school and i dont know how much longer ill be here but for sure for the next year... I dont know many people here and i would love to meet someone to go explore pdx or even show me around if youd like... im 22, laid back and willing to try almost anything once..i enjoy going out for drinks, but im not a sloppy drunk.I am not a fan of smoking whatsoever but i do like going out as well as staying in... I love sports, im a major green bay fan and i also love laying back, cuddling and watching movies.. i like anything some of my favorites are Boondock Saints, Simon Birch and an occasion an chick flick but thats nothign surprising. . I am not really looking for a serious relationship at this point because i dont know where im going to end up, however i am looking for a possible on-going FWBs situation if we were to meet up and hit it off.... those who are looking for more still feel free to respond who knows what can happen but for now thats not my primary concern :) Please write me back with a little info about you as well as a pic.... no pic no reply sorry to be harsh but i like to make sure your real.... because i am :) adult date finder free

Bad Boys? (20746, MD, Prince Georges County)
hey looking for a a guy that is bad lol. you must be latino or white with a nice body and please be well hung.. i have something in mind so hit me up if interested and end a picture. under 30 date finder

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Wants a buddy ;) (Suitland, Maryland )
I like some country music but not the real 'twangy' kind...I like pop and rock also. I enjoy cuddling and watching a good movie. Walks, the beach, dancing, nice restaurants. I love to read...long hot baths...good wine. free canadian date finder

Do you like freshly worn panties? (20746, Suitland, MD, Prince Georges County)
If you do, you can have mine... I'm a fit, 23 year old college student. I have long blonde hair, green eyes, and tan skin from the California sun. 36C up top and a very curvy, juicy booty. :) I love pretty panties of all kind...thongs, boy shorts, lacy g-strings. If you like latina date finder as much as I do, you can have my worn panties. Contact me for details. I promise they will smell like me...vanilla sweet. I'll also include a photo of me wearing them.

Lesbian fun while my husband watches (20746, Suitland, Maryland)
We know this is longer than most of the ads here, but we didn't want just another ad. Anyone sincere about wanting to meet me will be willing to invest a few minutes to learn about me by reading this. I'm Chinese (new to the area) with long dark brown hair, 5'3', about 125 lbs, feminine and shaven. My husband is Caucasian, 6’1”, about 207, with a hairy, muscular body. If you are serious about having a lesbian 'friends with benefits' (with as much emphasis on the 'friends' part as the 'benefits' part) relationship that might lead to something more, please read on. I'm a feminine girl seeking other feminine girls for sexual friendship. I'm married to my Master, the only man who interests me at all. I therefore emphasize that I am NOT even remotely interested in receiving any messages from any males for any reason, ever. Except for my husband/Master, I consider myself to be 100% lesbian, and have NO desire for ANY other men. He approves of my lesbianism & seeking feminine females for intimate friendship. He is kind & gentle toward me. I enjoy obeying him. But I don't want to be dominated by a female. I think there's something unnatural about dominant females within relationships. I want us to be soft & feminine with each other. Although I'm submissive with my Master, I tend not to be in other areas, such as with friends, work relationships, and so forth. For example, running my own business some day is a distinct possibility. This is not to say that I'm domineering in any sense (that's another quality I find especially unappealing in females), but I don't mind running the show, depending on what the show is. I hope this is clear. I also want to be 100% clear about this: I want to have sex with other girls, and I want my Master to see it. He wants to see it, too, but he will not touch the other girl sexually at all. (Experience has shown that he can control himself quite well. He appreciates that I am a bit of an exhibitionist, so this works out well for both of us.) He is extremely chivalrous. He always opens my door (he'll open yours, too), never lets me carry anything heavy, and he is my protector. He is extremely respectful of feminine softness. He is my Master in a D & S sense rather than a BDSM sense. I have a low pain threshold anyway, and he does not have an abusive nature in any sense, so we’re into things like him spanking me, holding me so I can’t move, etc. We are not even minutely interested in any other male involvement/presence to even the slightest degree. This is not open to negotiation, so don't even ask. date finder none of this is open to negotiation. I can compromise about many things, but not about what I've written in this profile.) I enjoy classical music (I play the violin), reading, films, science, and generally broadening my horizons. So I've discovered that I'm attracted to women, but I haven't had much experience yet-- but I want more! I'm very soft & feminine; I'd like to find someone who shares these qualities, so femmes only, no butches, please. I'd like to find someone with well above-average brains, too. This means you're much too smart to believe in astrology, tarot, karma, or other idiotic superstitions with the exception of religion. (I lose interest in people when they start to say stupid things.) You also believe in evolution. No smokers or drug-users. (There will be NO exceptions.) I don't like sex toys or using any objects at all. Also, if you wear natural animal fur or be otherwise cruel to animals, I will not want to meet you, and you should be ashamed of yourself. I'm not seeking one-night stands, but I'm definitely looking for a lesbian sexual friendship. This could mean anything from friendship-with-benefits to an ongoing relationship with emotional attachment. My English isn't perfect, so be patient with my errors. I'll be patient with yours if English isn't your native language, but there's just no excuse for writing badly if you were raised in an English-speaking country. There have been numerous ads here to which I would have replied if they had not been so poorly written. I find tattoos unattractive, but I can put up with small ones if a girl is otherwise attractive. I also don't like piercings other than on the ears, but I can tolerate a navel piercing, maybe a tiny nose stud if a girl has enough other attractive qualities, and I don't just mean physical ones. I also insist on good grooming. This means you shower daily and remove the hair from your legs, armpits, etc. (This should be obvious.) A shaven pussy is also a big plus. (Mine is.) By now it should be clear that, while I'm looking for sex, I'm not looking for ONLY sex, otherwise I wouldn't have written so much about my preferences beyond sexuality. I don't want to jump into bed unless we've come to know each other enough to like each other, but I don't want to send endless messages online. I actually want to meet if it seems the chemistry might be right. I don't intend to come off as a harsh person, but I'm really not. It's just that I've had a lot of time wasted previously by people on other sites who've disregarded what I've written so I want to make it 100% clear what I want and don't want. If you write to me, please tell me about yourself and include one or more pictures, preferably with at least one that shows your figure. I don't require a model-perfect body, but at least be height-weight proportionate. I will reciprocate. Also, please be willing to voice-verify so I know you're actually female. I will repost this ad in a couple of other categories; if you're interested please reply only once. Please write 'I read your ad' in the subject header if you write to me so I will know it's not spam and that you read to this point—otherwise I will assume it’s spam. Out of courtesy, I will reply to all who do this even if I'm not interested.